Vicki Kraft –  Proven Conservative, Legislative Experience & Voting Record, Fighting for You and Your Family!


Dear Friends,

Now more than ever, the people of Southwest Washington deserve a candidate who is a proven, experienced, conservative leader with the voting record to back it up. That’s why I’m running for Congress now to represent the 3rd Congressional District.


I’ve been honored to serve the last five years as a State Representative in the 17th Legislative District in central Clark County/Vancouver, Washington area. I’ve kept my promises to the people and look forward to this opportunity to continue serving the people of our region and give Southwest Washington a strong leader and voice to represent them in Washington D.C.


Recently I was honored to receive the Conservative Excellence Award from the American Conservative Union Foundation, host of the national Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), in recognition of my conservative legislative voting record. In 2020, according to their scores, I had the most conservative voting record in the entire House of Representatives in Washington state.


My first bill passed in the state legislature was to help Disabled Veterans with a sales tax credit for adaptive housing needs. In my first year in office, I also started a bi-partisan Sex Trafficking Prevention Caucus in the House of Representatives in 2017, which is still going strong to work to protect children and youth, and help survivors.


More recently, legislation I’ve introduced includes HB 2933 in 2020 and HB 1215 in 2021 to provide K-12 school choice education scholarships for private school and homeschool students. Also, HB 1738 in 2019 and 2020 to reduce administrative burdens for small businesses. In 2021, HB 1305 protecting the right to refuse a Covid-19 vaccine or any health-related mandate, and HB 1381 to limit the governor’s emergency powers, ensure legislative balance of power, and regulate government agency emergency authority.


I have continually worked for more limited, accountable government and a strong economy that promotes free market, small business growth.


Most importantly, I have been a consistent champion for the people and their Constitutional rights and freedoms. Whether it’s fighting for parents’ rights, and against controversial mandates in schools such as Comprehensive Sex Education or Covid-19 masks; or fighting for individuals’ rights, and against the Covid-19 vaccine sweeping mandates, I will continue fighting for the people and will make sure your voice is heard loud and clear in Washington D.C.


Prior to joining the Legislature, I worked for the Freedom Foundation as the Southwest Washington Development Director. Previously, I worked as an Account Executive for Fortune 500 companies including Dell, Pillsbury, and Frigidaire as well as small businesses.


I also lived in Washington D.C. and worked for We Care America, a non-profit working with Federal government agencies including George W. Bush’s Community and Faith-Based Initiatives Office which awarded grants to non-profits.


It’s wonderful working with non-profits who many times are the hands, heart, and feet making such an important difference for those in need in our communities. My community involvement includes Boys and Girls Clubs, Clark County Veterans Assistance Center, Teach One to Lead One and Evergreen Bible Church.


My roots are here in Washington. My mom and her family are from the Yakima Valley area. My dad came to Ft. Lewis in the Army, met my mom and swept her off her feet. I grew up in Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Advertising. I moved to Washington in 2007 and live with my husband Paul in Vancouver, Washington.


I look forward to serving you in Congress and working with you to get America back on track and make sure Southwest Washington is in the best position to grow and thrive for you, your family, and your future!


* Be sure to check back often for new details, events and information.


Ladies Meet and Greet

Vicki meets with women in the Southwest Washington area to discuss concerns about reducing crime, reducing gas prices and food prices, and providing school choice options.