Dear Friends,

I’m running for re-election in 2018 to continue working for more accountability and fiscal responsibility in our state government for the health of our state’s economy, families and future.

I understand firsthand the need to reduce government waste in Olympia.

For over 20 years I’ve worked in the private sector for major companies including Dell, Pillsbury, Frigidaire, and small businesses. I know what it takes to “do more with less” and have led collaborative teams with competing interests to find meaningful solutions.

During the past ten years of my private sector experience I worked directly with the State of Washington agencies in Olympia and WA K-12 school districts across the state. My private sector experience working with Washington State Government gives me an important advantage as candidate for State Representative.

Through mutual efforts with government agency and school district leaders I led efforts to identify opportunities to be addressed, and implemented more efficient solutions benefiting students, teachers and taxpayers.

I will focus on achieving legislative solutions which reduce waste, taxes, and regulations in order to increase business growth and job opportunities for WA families and communities.

Together we can make a difference in our state. I would appreciate your vote and support.

Campaign News

WA State Income Tax? Lying? You decide.

WA State Income Tax: Lying? You Decide. My opponent has said that I’m lying about his position on a potential new WA State Income Tax. Let me be very clear about what my campaign has said, “Pro-state income tax groups are spending thousands attacking Vicki Kraft and supporting Sam Kim. If they win they have […]


Letter: Kraft is fiscally conservative

Courtsey of: By Susan Wiggs, VANCOUVER Published: October 10, 2016, 6:00 AM We work hard for the money we earn and the portion we pay in taxes. Government representatives must cut unnecessary spending and waste, just as families must. Republican Vicki Kraft, running for 17th District state representative, Position 1, believes the government needs […]


Kraft endorsed by Washington Retail Association

I’m grateful to have received the endorsement of the Washington Retail Association. Their advocate for 3,500 statewide retailers who employ hundreds of thousands of people. A vital industry to our state, it is important that we continue to foster an economy that allows for our retailers to thrive without heavy regulations in order to serve […]



Vicki has always been passionate about ways to keep government fiscally responsible and accountable to the public.  As a small business owner of over 10 years it is important to me and my family that business owners are represented in government, and I am proud to endorse Vicki Kraft for the State Representative for District 17 position 1 in Washington.

Dotty Scott

Vicki understands how to improve accountability and foster fiscal responsibility from her experience with successful businesses in the private sector. She supports and has worked for less govenment and lower taxes. In my 30 years as a Manager in a Fortune 500 company, I have met few I can endorse so completely.

Phil Haggerty