An Inspiring Evening on America’s Foundation and Conservation


Tonight was a truly inspirational evening reminding us of the foundation of our country, what makes America great and the importance of conservation.

Shane Mahoney, the Guest Speaker at the SCI event, is a native from Newfoundland. He is not an American yet he spoke passionately about what truly makes our country great. He encouraged us as Americans to remember some timely truths, “A country depends on its citizens, NOT it’s government. Conservation (wildlife preservation and management) is no accident and the building of a nation is no accident either. There is no government anywhere that can do conservation or build a nation for us. It’s only the citizens of the nation that can do these things. Every day you fight for something is to take a leap of faith.”

I had the opportunity to talk with Shane for quite a while after his presentation. He is yet another who is from outside of our country and recognizes the troubling direction our country is headed. Together we must work to turn the tide back in the right direction. Thank you, SCI for your efforts and putting on an outstanding event!

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