Letter: Kudos to Kraft for transparency

Courtesy of: http://www.columbian.com/news/2018/jun/19/letter-kudos-to-kraft-for-transparency/ By Lauren Colas, Camas Published: June 19, 2018, 6:00 AM The Columbian editorial “In Our View: We Deserve Transparency,” stated on Sept. 14: “It is a simple and inarguable premise: State lawmakers should be subject to the same disclosure laws as city councilors, county commissioners, and mayors.” Kudos to Rep. Vicki Kraft, […]


Guest Speaking at King’s Way High School

This morning I was invited to talk to the Seniors’ Government Class at Kings Way School along with Stephanie McClintock, Pam Pieper and Karissa Sears. We shared our perspectives as Republicans and answered questions from the students. They heard from Democrats earlier as well. It’s so important that young people are engaged, informed and getting […]


Making Changes in Olympia

Had a great day in Olympia today! Spent time with our local legislators including Reps. Liz Pike, Lynda Wilson, Paul Harris and Brandon Vick. Also got to reconnect with some fantastic legislators outside our county including Reps. Dan Kristiansen, Joel Kretz, Jt Wilcox, Bruce Chandler, Shelly Short, Chad Magendanz, Michelle Downey Caldier, Tom Dent, Luanne […]