Vicki Kraft is an Experienced Champion for K-12 Schools

“A quality education is vital to our children’s future, job opportunities, and achievement– whether they choose to go to college or learn a trade.” —Vicki Kraft

During the past 10 years while working as a Sr. Account Executive with Dell, I worked on a daily basis, in-person, with Washington K-12 School Districts across the state – including Evergreen School District, Vancouver School District, and Battle Ground School District to Kennewick School District, Moses Lake School District, Bellevue School District, and over 50 more. Ultimately I was responsible for all of Dell’s business with the 295) K-12 school districts across Washington.

I’ve delivered resources and innovation needed to equip teachers and improve student achievement. I truly understand how important this is for our kids. Prior, I worked in instructional technology, working with teachers to help them develop and deliver curriculum content for their students in the classroom.

K-12 Education will be the top priority and have the spotlight in the 2017 Legislative Session, due to the McCleary Decision from the WA Supreme Court and the need to put a plan together to fully fund K-12 basic education by 2018. I have the WA K-12 insight and experience necessary to deliver practical solutions needed for our students and teachers.

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REAL Common Sense Transportation Solutions

for Clark County and Washington

I’ve heard from many of you while door knocking and talking with you that traffic congestion on your daily commute is a real problem. I hear you, I used to have to commute to Portland on a daily basis – and I think traffic has gotten worse since then in the last four years.

The only real way to reduce traffic congestion and improve freight mobility on the I-5 corridor is by adding an additional bridge to expand capacity. I would like to see a third bridge on the west side of Clark County. That would easily open up another path for commuters and freight transportation to get back and forth across the Columbia River.

My opponent in 2016 said that he was in favor of replacing the I-5 bridge and making it LIGHT RAIL capable, during The Columbian Editorial Board Interview on June 14, 2016. Note that the majority of Clark County voters have voted “No” to light rail several times – one of these votes is noted in The Columbian article on November 6, 2012 titled, “Voters Soundly Reject C-Tran Measure”. So why at this point would we try to “expand capacity” by replacing the existing I-5 bridge? In the end we would only end up with two bridges again. And if the voters are not asking for it, why does it need to be light rail capable? Can you really imagine as the next step replacing the I-5 bridge? During the construction process, we’d go down to one to 1.5 bridges to use going across the river at best. Can you imagine what that commute would be like? And for how long would it be that way? Likely too long. Replacing the I-5 bridge as a next step does not sound like the best solution for our citizens, but rather for special interest groups.

Ultimately the transportation solutions we implement need to be those the voters want and projects that have reasonable costs, timelines, and will actually accomplish the objective needed – reduce traffic congestion. This sounds like real common sense to me.

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