Fantastic 4th of July Ridgefield Parade!


Happy 4th of July! Today is our country’s 240th celebration of Independence Day and freedom. What better way to spend the day than at the Ridgefield Parade! It’s such a great time – like stepping back in time to small town, apple pie, U.S.A.

A big thank you to all the supporters who came out to walk and ride with us in the parade! It was super to have you all with us and to meet so many from the Ridgefield community. God bless America – home of the free and the brave!

June Dan and VK in paradeLynda and VickiLiz and Vicki

Paul standing tallLD 17 Neighbors on floatArnold Marcie Laurice Claire

VK Ashley lil girl and Roger - rumble seat carSmall group Connie Jo Bob Adam Kile JacobPK VK and GailSmall group Laurice Paul Gail Dan Isaac JacobKile walking handing out candy June VK and trainGroup shot thumbs up 1 - fine