Vicki will keep fighting for the people – to get America back on the right track now and give Southwest Washington a strong voice in Washington D.C.!

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights and Freedoms

  • Protecting 1st amendment rights– individual rights, ending unconstitutional vaccine mandates and parents’ rights, parents decide what is best for the child.
  • Protecting 2nd amendment rights– the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
  • Every other right and freedom guaranteed to the people by the U.S. Constitution.

National Security

  • Securing our border– closing the “open door policy” of the current administration. The men and women who are working to defend our borders need to be allowed to do their job and given the proper support. Too many criminals including sex traffickers, and drug dealers are pouring into our country illegally. We need the proper security in place to protect our citizens first and foremost.
  • Supporting Law Enforcement in our Communities– typically this is a local level issue. Recently, a growing need to address this issue nationally has unfolded as we’ve seen riots in Portland and Seattle around us, smash and grabs in San Francisco and Chicago. The United States of America is a land of law and order, not lawlessness. We need to make sure the proper support and resources are provided to make sure our communities, families and individuals are safe. Even President Bill Clinton in 1994 passed the Law Enforcement Strategy bill to fund 100,000 law enforcement officers across the nation to make communities safer. We need to reinstate and re-enforce law and order that works in our nation and to keep Southwest Washington safe.
  • CyberSecurity
    • America and individual’s data and privacy is under attack like never before from outside our country and within. The proper policies are needed to protect the people’s privacy and data to the best of our ability.

The Economy

  • Inflation and supply chain issues– We need to reduce/remove government regulations, taxes and policies that contribute to these problems and impact our free market which gets in the way of the natural flow of supply and demand and increases prices as a result.
  • Small business growth– creating a business-friendly environment in our country with lower taxes, less barriers to entry and fewer government regulations that prevent entrepreneurs from starting businesses or keep small businesses from growing and being successful.

Infrastructure/Reduce I-5 Traffic Congestion – NO Light Rail, NO Tolls!

  • The recent Infrastructure bill of $1.2T is far too expensive and too little return on investment for the majority of people. We need to focus on making sure the people can get to and from their destinations, and truckers can move goods and services, as quickly and safely as possible. Proper investments into new infrastructure – like a 3rd bridge in Southwest Washington between WA and OR to significantly reduce commute times – is the direction we need to be moving. Maintenance and operations on existing interstates also need to be addressed. We need to stop diverting funding into transit, especially in areas where there isn’t a true demand or ridership level for it. It’s time to get back to a truly strong transportation infrastructure system that benefits most people, who drive their vehicles on highways in Southwest Washington and across our nation.

Government Overreach and Spending

  • Our national government is intruding into people’s personal lives, choices, families and businesses at a level we’ve never seen before in America. This must stop, it is not how our government was ever intended to operate. In fact, our Founding Fathers established this country because of government’s abuse of the people, and to preserve our freedoms and individual rights. We must hold our national government accountable to the limited powers it was designed to operate within.
  • The national debt limit of $28T is unacceptable. We need to limit spending at this critical time, recognizing money does not grow on trees and you can’t continue spending what you don’t have. This debt will be paid by future generations for decades to come. Government must operate responsibly, wisely, and within its means.

Foreign Policy

  • We must make sure the United States of America stands firm to protect our nation, people and interests. This must be our nation’s first priority when it comes to international negotiations and relationships.
  • A strong, strategic and well-funded military is key to protecting our country and our freedom.


  • Education used to be about teaching kids knowledge to provide a strong foundation so they could graduate and be ready to pursue higher education, a career, or open their own business and truly succeed. Recently we’ve increasingly seen how our K-12 schools now focus on teaching kids what to think. And many times, this is not in line with the values parents have for their students. We need to return real power to the local level and most of all to parents.


  • We need to make sure we have a competitive private healthcare system so there is more access to doctors and medical professionals in a timely fashion, providing quality healthcare. When this happens, there are more providers in the marketplace. The socialism approach of government paying for most of the people’s healthcare in our nation will not provide the timely, quality care we have known and come to expect in our country.


  • We need to get back to real dependable energy sources for our country and stop this administration’s climate change agenda. This agenda has been pushed in this country for a long time to destroy our economy. This administration especially has decided to declare fossil fuel “bad” (natural gas, petroleum, diesel) and they’ve done all they can to ban the supply that is readily available right here in the U.S. – the Keystone Pipeline, oil wells in TX that aren’t allowed to produce oil like they used to. All these shortages make us dependent on foreign countries/OPEC for oil when there’s no need to be. We have all the resources we need; we just have to be able to access them – and the climate change narrative needs to be replaced with the truth. Hydropower is another very important energy resource for us here in Southwest Washington and for our nation that is available and truly sustainable.