Protecting Your Rights

Our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, were established in the foundation of America and Washington state.

Each of our Constitutional rights must always be protected.

In recent years and months, these rights have been increasingly targeted and/or infringed upon. I wholeheartedly believe my job is to fight to protect your constitutional rights and my voting record proves this.

1st Amendment / Parents’ Rights:

Freedom of speech, religion and the right for people to peaceably assemble is clearly guaranteed to every citizen in both our U.S. and Washington Constitutions.

In Washington state, we have seen the Democrat majority party take more and more actions to severely undermine these rights. This needs to stop!

Parents’ Rights:

Recently we’ve seen Parents’ voices and rights be completely disregarded with the passage of SB 5395. I was the leading legislative voice opposing this bill to expand Comprehensive Sexual Education to elementary and secondary students throughout the state. Thankfully over 260,000 Washingtonians recently signed a petition to put Referendum R-90 on the ballot in 2020. Vote “Reject” on R-90 this November and you can be a part of overturning this horrible Comprehensive Sexual Ed law.

I also strongly opposed HB 1638 to remove the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Ruebella) Vaccine Personal and Philosophical Exemption. I believe your child is, in fact, your child – not the government’s. It’s your right to decide as a parent what’s best for your child and his or her health.

1st Amendment Rights:

I voted for I-976 on the ballot to make car tab fees $30. This session, I co-sponsored HB 2227 and to uphold the people’s voice and vote. You have the freedom to speak through your vote. As legislators we need to honor your voice.

In addition, I opposed HB 1515 which would’ve removed Independent Contractors’ rights to be an independent business owner and entrepreneur. It would have literally forced them to be considered employees instead and have limited their freedom to own their own business, work hard and succeed in our capitalism economy.

2nd Amendment Rights:

I opposed HB 2240 this session and similar bills intended to limit your 2nd amendment rights. Republicans fought and we defeated that bill! I voted against Washington Initiative I-1639 in 2018 which also infringes on your 2nd amendment rights. I was against I-594 which passed in 2014. 

The typical arguments given for why additional gun regulations and or restrictions are needed include reasons such as: we need to keep guns out of the hands of bad people who will hurt innocent people (e.g. the tragic San Bernadino shooting in 2015) . Or we need to keep guns away from places where there’s easy access, such as in the home, by children or those with mental health challenges, so they don’t endanger their own life or the lives of others.

The reality is more restrictions on gun owners is not going to stop bad situations from happening. Research shows that in gun-free zones, there are actually more shootings (Crime Prevention Research Center’s / CPRC’s report October 9, 2014). Also promoting safe gun storage and management will help minimize unexpected situations in the home. The government reducing or taking away our right to protect ourselves is not the answer.

As an NRA member and strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I will always stand for the citizens’ right to bear arms.