Fighting Comprehensive Sexual Education

I was the leading legislative voice opposing SB 5395 to expand Comprehensive Sexual Education to elementary and secondary students throughout the state. I heard from literally several thousands of parents – they all strongly oppose this bill.

This bill sets state standards that open the door wide to much more graphic comprehensive sexual education curriculum, including co-ed role playing and materials that make even most parents blush. This includes the promotion of kids to have/explore anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, sex, abortion, gender identity, and even pornography. Why are we going to teach these topics to kids – even elementary kids? Last year, over 10,000 Washingtonians were surveyed by OSPI (the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, headed by Chris Reykdal). Over 50% of the people surveyed were opposed to implementing Comprehensive Sexual Education. Did OSPI listen to the very people they surveyed? No, but instead they continued to promote this legislation until it was passed by the Democrat majority.

This bill also removes local control of parents and school boards to decide what is best for their kids. This state mandate was forced down parents’ throats against their will. This is not government serving the people. This is yet another example of government telling the parents what is best for their kids and teaching them values that don’t align with many of the parents’ values.

Thankfully over 260,000 Washingtonians recently signed a petition to put Referendum R-90 on the ballot in 2020. Vote “Reject” on R-90 in November 2020 and you can help to overturn this horrible Comprehensive Sexual Education law.