Jobs and Economy

In order for our economy to thrive in Washington, we need to reduce the amount of regulations and taxes on our business community.


Government has placed too many burdens on businesses in our state which reduces the amount of innovation, productivity and ultimately jobs. We have well over 200 regulations placed on our businesses.* We need to remove barriers to entry for small businesses especially and make it attractive for businesses to start and grow in Washington.

*Reference: Source: Washington Governor’s Office of Innovation and Regulations

In recent years, the Washington legislature has promoted and implemented tax increases including the gas tax passed in 2015. Fewer taxes on Washington citizens means more money in your pocket for bills, your kids, shopping, a night out, or a new car. When families have more money to spend in our community we all benefit from a healthy economy with healthy businesses and jobs.

Given my experience working in the business private sector, I believe It’s important to work strategically with business leaders across various industries to identify ways government and our community can partner with businesses to make it easier to do business in Washington and bring more jobs to our citizens. I’ve taken the initiative on this front to introduce potential and new local businesses to the CREDC (Columbia River Economic Development Council) and the Port of Vancouver to help facilitate these new business and jobs opportunity and conversations.