Kraft Campaign Kick-Off Event – a fantastic evening!


What a turnout! A wonderful crowd came out, close to 100 people, in support of Vicki Kraft and her candidacy for State Representative, 17th Legislative District, Position 1. Many more sent regrets and/or donations wishing her the best. She’s truly thankful for each one that was able to join and for those who couldn’t be there as well.

The evening formally kicked off with Vicki giving the Invocation. Following, State Representative Paul Harris gave the Pledge of Allegiance and shared thoughts on Vicki’s time serving as 17th Legislative District Chairman for CCRP.

Next, State Representative Lynda Wilson introduced Vicki recalling how they’ve worked together while on the Executive Board for CCRP, on Lynda’s 2014 campaign – the seat Vicki is now running for, and how things unfolded for both of them as they stepped up for this current election – Lynda, our soon-to-be Senator in the 17th LD and Vicki, our next State Representative in the 17th District. She shared how “dedicated and hard working” Vicki is and gave an example. During the 2015 session Vicki made recommendations on specific government fiscal responsibility reform (per reform legislation Gov. Inslee was considering) based on her private sector experience working directly with the State of WA government agencies in Olympia. She gave this information to several local legislators and committee members, discusing these issues and opportunities with them.

Vicki started by thanking her family and friends for their support. She shared her heart, to serve them along with the citizens of the 17th LD and WA. She talked about her experience and how it gives her a unique advantage for this position – especially her private sector experience working directly with the State of WA government agencies in Olympia and the K-12 School Districts across our state.

Her priorities include:

  • Improving accountability ad fiscal responsibility in Olympia.
  • Increasing business opportunities and attracting jobs for a stronger local economy.
  • Prioritizing student education, achievement and local control.
  • Reducing the impact of taxes and regulations on our families and small business.
  • Implementing a bridge solution to reduce the local I-5 traffic congestion and improve freight mobility.
  • Promoting public safety through proper planning and resources to protect citizens and equip first responders.

State Representative Liz Pike from the 18th Legislative District wrapped things up. She noted her endorsement out of the gate for Vicki . “Vicki is committed to doing what is right for the citizens,” Liz said. “She’ll be a leader who will make a difference for us in Olympia.” As they say, it takes one to know one – Liz Pike is a true leader standing up for the citizens of the 18th LD and making sure their voice is heard in Olympia.

The evening continued with more fellowship and photos. It was indeed a special evening!

Looking forward to having you join for our next event so check out our events section often or submit your email on our Contact page so you can receive Vicki’s newsletter and stay up to date.

Onward, continuing down the Campaign Trail!

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