Making Changes in Olympia


Had a great day in Olympia today! Spent time with our local legislators including Reps. Liz Pike, Lynda Wilson, Paul Harris and Brandon Vick.

Also got to reconnect with some fantastic legislators outside our county including Reps. Dan Kristiansen, Joel Kretz, Jt Wilcox, Bruce Chandler, Shelly Short, Chad Magendanz, Michelle Downey Caldier, Tom Dent, Luanne VanWerven, Dick Muri, and Melanie Stambaugh. I didn’t get to say hello to all the familiar faces as it was a busy time getting ready for the last week of the 2016 session.

Hopefully this one will end on time. The big question now is can a mutually agreeable supplemental budget be reached? Stay tuned.

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