Fantastic 4th of July Ridgefield Parade!

Happy 4th of July! Today is our country’s 240th celebration of Independence Day and freedom. What better way to spend the day than at the Ridgefield Parade! It’s such a great time – like stepping back in time to small town, apple pie, U.S.A. A big thank you to all the supporters who came out to […]


Stars and Stripes Forever

Another great neighborhood I’ve been doorbelling in the past couple days! It’s been fun to meet new 17th Legislative District neighbors and see a real sense of community. Neighbors standing in the driveway talking while their kids play hide and seek together. Just down the street a game of street basketball took place with both young and […]


Patriotism and Kraft support unite!

What a way to launch the 4th of July weekend! Met a proud American and Kraft supporter who displayed his support of both proudly in his front yard. I met several other Kraft supporters today also. I was grateful to be out meeintg people. You could feel the energy in the air heading into this important […]


More support in the 17th Legislative District!

It was another super day to be doorbelling and meeting neighbors today! I’m always interested to hear the stories and challenges citizens have with our government whether it’s on a local, state or national level. Many people have had enough of higher taxes, healthcare costs increasing for almost everyone, local I-5 congestion, and everyone with kids […]


Editorial Board Interview

My first Editorial Board Interview with The Columbian. Thankful for the opportunity to share my views. The video recording of this session should be available shortly as well. Click here to read the article from the Interview.