State Income Tax

I strongly oppose a WA State Income Tax! I will fight against it and stand up for you in Olympia!


WA State Income Tax: Lying? You Decide.




My opponent has said that I’m lying about his position on a potential new WA State Income Tax. Let me be very clear about what my campaign has said, “Pro-state income tax groups are spending thousands attacking Vicki Kraft and supporting Sam Kim. If they win they have promised to pass a state income tax.”

Now the question is, who are “they”? The WA State Democrat Party states in their 2016 Party Platform on Page 11, Section 6, Line 15 – (We call for:) “A state income tax…”

  • The WA State Democrat Party paid for a flyer which included my opponent’s name and picture – but they did not say he is an “Independent Democrat” – they state he is a “Democrat” along with a slate of other Democrat candidates. See the flyer below.


wa-democrat-party-slate-slim-jim-2016-front          wa-democrat-party-slate-slim-jim-2016-back

Sam Kim shown at bottom left.


  • My opponent says “Yes, I will caucus with the Democrats” in this audio clip from the Brush Prairie Neighborhood Association Candidate Forum on 10-20-16.



  • The WA State Democratic Central Committee paid for and sent direct mailers to voters on behalf of my opponent. See the bottom of this flyer below.




So will my opponent really say “No” to the Democrat State Party and Leaders who are working for a State Income Tax? 

In addition to the facts above, my opponent has also clearly stated in candidate forums and interviews:

In a CVTV Side-by-Side Interview dated 9-23-16 at, my opponent very cleary states he is in support of the Gas Tax increase last year – the largest increase in gas taxes in our state’s history.

Also in that same CVTV Interview dated 9-23-16 at, my opponent said he’s open to increasing impact fees which increases housing prices. This hurts families and and first-time home buyers. Especially with the housing crisis situation in Clark County, we do not need an increase in these fees.

My opponent has also said at the Mayor’s Candidate Forum in Battle Ground on 10-11-16, also available at,  that he is in favor of increasing taxes on alcohol purchases. Following at the Neighborhood Association Council of Clark County Candidate Forum on 10-13-16, my opponent stated he is in favor of increasing taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana (which he called “sin taxes”).

So you decide, will my opponent go against the wishes of the WA Democrat Party and Leaders in Olympia—those funding and promoting his campaign?

When it comes time for the legislature to vote on a WA State Income Tax…given their party position, and his position on raising the taxes and fees noted above…what do you think my opponent will do?


I strongly oppose a WA State Income Tax! I will fight against it and stand up for you in Olympia!