We need a 3rd bridge now to reduce traffic congestion for our commuters and freight community


It’s time to get serious about reducing traffic congestion on the I-5 corridor with a 3rd bridge that will allow commuters and freight drivers options to travel more quickly around SW Washington and the Portland area.

Simply replacing the current I-5 bridge will not significantly reduce congestion. Until Oregon puts additional through-put lanes on their side of the bridge we can build a new I-5 bridge that has 10 lanes on it each way and it will go right back to the bottleneck that exists today as you come off the bridge in Oregon. Voters have said as recently as 2012 they want to consider an east side and west side bridge in Clark County.

I’m also concerned that any I-5 bridge replacement will be light-rail capable and introduce light rail into Vancouver. In 2012, voters also rejected light rail and bus rapid transit on the ballot.

It’s time to give voters a 3rd bridge, which is what they are asking for and need.

In 2018 I sponsored bill HB 2352 which would start us on the path to a 3rd bridge and truly reducing congestion on the I-5 corridor. Unfortunately it did not pass but I will continue working for this solution to help make sure our freight community is able to expedite travel and reduce their transportation costs, and our commuters are able to spend more time at home with their families instead of sitting in traffic.