There has never been a greater need to reduce congestion and improve freight mobility on our local highways in Clark County


We must work together as a bi-state, bi-partisan group to determine a viable bridge solution, or two, from Clark County to the Portland area. One which is in accordance with the voters’ will.

To do nothing is not an option. Simply replacing the current I-5 bridge will not significantly reduce congestion. Voters have said they want to consider an east side and west side bridge in Clark County. There are already several bridge options that have been proposed or considered so we can start the discussion from there. One, or more, of these existing options may be the right solution. Or we can incorporate the best ideas from these possibilities into a new bridge solution.

Any plan to move ahead on a regional transportation project will require strong oversight and accountability internally by the transportation agencies and policy makers leading these efforts, but more importantly by 3rd party organizations with proven expertise in transportation projects of this nature where no potential conflict of interest exists.

Ultimately there must be transparency and accountability to the voters that the bridge solution(s) will achieve the needed outcome of significantly faster commute times across the Columbia River and that commerce in our area and state will not be hindered by traffic slowdowns.

Any new bridge solution or transportation project needs to stay on track with project projections and be completed within a reasonable timeframe and cost.