Vicki Kraft Campaign Trail Update 5


Welcome to the fifth edition of the monthly Kraft Campaign Newsletter. Below you’ll find the latest updates from the campaign trail. The Primary Election is approaching fast – Tuesday, August 2nd!

Please visit my website at to see over 120 Community Leader, Citizens and State Association endorsements – more community endorsements by far than any other candidate in this race

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State Associations Endorse Vicki Kraft for State Representative, 17th Legislative District, Position 1

I’m thankful and honored to have the following endorsements:

  • Associated General Contractors of Washington
  • Washington Food Industry Association
  • Washington Restaurant Association
  • Washington State Dairy Federation
  • Washington State Veterinary Medical Association

See additional endorsements including WA Representative Lynda Wilson – who currently holds this seat and is stepping up to run for the Senate – and WA Representative Liz Pike, 18th Legislative District at

I’m grateful to have over 120 Community Leader, Citizens and State Association endorsements – more community endorsements by far than any other candidate in this race!

On the Issues:


Vicki with Tom & Beth Mohn and daughters. Beth is a local Teacher and Tom is a Veterinarian.

Education – Top Priority for our Students and Families

Over the past 10 years while working in the private sector I worked with our K-12 school districts locally and across the state of Washington. I’ve also worked in instructional technology, working with teachers to help them develop and deliver curriculum content for their students in the classroom. I understand the need to fully fund K-12 education in Washington and make it the top priority.

The legislature is mandated by the Washington State Constitution to fully fund basic education and the recent McCleary decision from the WA State Supreme Court highlights this fact. As such, education should truly be treated as the highest priority and the first funds allocated in the general budget by the legislature.

In determining how to fully fund education, the focus needs to be placed on using these funds for resources directly related to increasing the quality of student learning in the classroom.

Since 2013, the Legislature has increased the education budget by 35% which is $4B per biennium. These additional funds went toward funding part of the McCleary Decision’s original mandate which included small class sizes for K-3, all day Kindergarten, teacher wage increases, and Materials, Supplies and Operating Costs (MSOC). It’s estimated an additional $2.5-4B per biennium will be needed to meet the McCleary decision and fully fund K-12 education.

In 2016, SB 6195 was passed to have an Educational Taskforce conduct additional research on the specific amount of funds needed to fully fund K-12 education and to determine how much is needed per school district.

One of the options being considered to meet the McCleary Decision requirements and fully fund K-12 education is Local Levy Reform. I support this approach as it’s essentially revenue neutral and will be most advantageous for us locally and the majority of our state in lower property taxes to fund education. This will also address the funding inequities that exist in different school districts and areas across our state, which I have seen firsthand especially as you move away from the Seattle area.

Homeowners in the Seattle area, however, would see an increase in their property taxes since currently they don’t pay as high of a rate due to their property base there vs. our area or in the east side of the state which is much lower. For Example – the Cost of Education at the Local Levy Level currently is $1.16 per thousand in Seattle vs. $4.61 per thousand in Battle Ground.

We can and must do better to help our students get a quality education to be prepared for a successful future!


Battle Ground Harvest Days Parade – What a Way to Wrap Up the Parade Season!

We had a fantastic day at the Battle Ground Parade! It was great to meet so many people from the local area. I truly appreciate all the support.

Thank you to all our volunteers who came out to join us over the past few months at the various parade events – we couldn’t have done this without you!

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Tuesday, August 2 – Primary Election

Voter Pamphlets and Ballots are here! You should’ve received both by mail. Ballots are due by Tuesday, August 2nd.

Be sure to vote Vicki Kraft for State Representative, 17th Legislature District, Position 1! This is the open seat which has most recently been held by WA Representative Lynda Wilson, who is stepping up to run for the Senate

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!